About us

Who we are?

We are online re-seller company, which specializes in fully automatic coffee machines and sells them for the North American market. We offer you famous brands of exclusive automatic coffee machines at the lowest price and with guarantees that you will not find anywhere else. Do not know what kind of coffee machine to choose? What is the difference? Is this coffee machine suitable for your office or cafe? What should I do if the coffee machine no longer makes a cappuccino as it used to? We will answer all your questions

How we got here?


The name of the company is made of the two words 'flow' and 'market'. We started our business from online shopping sites, selling various household appliances. Later we occupied a more specialized niche - started selling coffee equipment


We have expanded our selection, increased the number of sales, found new partners such as service centers, suppliers and carriers. This year was a turning point in our professional activity, we experienced various ups and downs, but still we passed all the tests and continued on our way, learned a lot from our mistakes and made the appropriate conclusions. We have acquired tremendous experience in the field of coffee equipment, discovered a lot of new and interesting things, and are now ready to share them with you.


We decided that the trading platforms can not represent the entire array of goods, services and useful information, and thus came to the conclusion to create their own website. Every day we try to supplement, correct, improve, so that our visitors receive only the necessary and useful information, have a chance to make their choice deliberately and wisely. Today, we have set great goals, which we are going to reach with you

  • Created a quality customer service and made our customers happier.
  • Our customer service works 24/7, you can call us any time of day or night and we'll immediately answer your call.
  • On our website you will find only the newest, high-quality, and reliable coffee machines that are worth their cost.
  • We've signed partner agreements with service centers, so that our customers always have warranty service.

What we want to tell you?

We want to thank you, our customers, thanks to you we are developing, growing, expanding and gaining experience. Now we know what you need - a coffee machine that will prepare a fragrant coffee drink for you and your loved ones without unnecessary manipulations. A coffee machine that will remember your taste preferences and make coffee the way you like it first thing in the morning. Call us, consult us, we will help you choose

Where we are going.

  • We will open our own offline store in the US.
  • We will master the market of commercial coffee machines.
  • We will start making our own coffee machines.