Warranty information

Espresso machines for home are provided a warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase. Commercial espresso machines are provided a warranty for 2 month from the date of purchase. All our products are subject to warranty and after-sales service from our partners. Also take into account that if there are questions on the warranty case or you want to use the service, then you need to contact our company. If you do not authorize a request from our company, we will not be able to provide you with service.

Our Service Center:

Electra Сraft
41 Woodbine Street
Fax: (201) 439-1701

You can read the warranty conditions below:

For commercial and residential products:
  • Warranty period is starts from a moment of purchase. Exchange is possible, if product is in marketable condition, seals and tags untouched.
  • Use of warranty services is possible, if product malfunction is a result of defects in production process, according to Terms of Use, that are listed in “Guidelines”.
  • Warranty services are unavailable in case of:
    1. Product was being used in ways not intended for its purposes
    2. Defect (including damage on products surface) appeared after shipment of the product (or) was a result of misuse of the product.
    3. Defect on a product occurred as a result of use of the product in incorrect exploitation conditions (i.e.closure, overvoltage, electrical, thermal, mechanical damages, cracks, chips, dints)
    4. Warranty stamp, warranty tag or serial number of a product were removed, changed or damaged.
    5. Defect occurred as a result of misuse during product setup, plugging-in or installment, including damages that occurred as a result of plugging device to power supply, which is unsuitable for use of the product.
    6. Defect occurred as a result of misuse during connection of external devices, which resulted in products full or partial malfunction.
    7. Damages from external items liquids substances etc.
  • Warranty obligations do not apply to external items that may come together with the product (cases, belts, assembling units, cables, power supplies etc.). They also don’t apply to documentation or/and data carriers.
  • Warranty Terms
Warranty services do not apply to shipment to service center and back. In a warranty case, when terms in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 are fulfilled, product is eligible for warranty services, which include following:
  • Help in resolving technical problems
  • Contact with service-center
  • Purchase of Services or/and Parts